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DevOps Engineer

Bangkok, Thailand

Job Type

Full Time

About the Company

We are developing the future backbone of the vending machine industry. As more vending machines become smart, online and connected, the infrastructure needed to
support direct and ancillary operations will become ever more relevant. With the number of connected vending machines expected to double by 2024 we are looking for a talented
frontend developer.
We are in a unique position to serve this growing market having already partnered with our first customer to operate upwards of 20,000 of their machines. We are also in discussions with European vending operators. We will be building a SaaS cloud suite of vending tools, initially with a focus on machine management and an automated supply chain technology that integrates directly with IoT devices in real-time. There are many opportunities and being a greenfield project means there is latitude for you to have a tremendous influence on the direction of the company.

About the Role

The ideal candidate will have a plethora of experience in the DevOps space.


  • Experience with Terraform

  • Experience with tool chains and engineering principals – CI/CD, including configuring

  • development, staging and production environments.

  • Experience with AWS – CodeDeploy, CodePipelines, CDK EKS, EC2, various databases

  • Securing cloud infrastructure

  • Green/Blue deployment

  • Knowledge of A/B testing

  • Bar raiser for product quality

  • Proficient in English

  • Bachelors in computer science.

  • 3 years in the industry

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